Fear and Anxiety at Dental Visits are Things of the Past

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In the ancient past, there have been persons who have feared dentists and dental procedures. Honestly, dental surgery was “uncomfortable” in the early days. Lack of powerful anesthetics and the fact that dental tools may have reminded people of another less reputable profession, usually carried out in a medieval dungeon, may have added to the fear factor.

Thankfully, today’s modern dentistry will never be related to such terrible comparisons! Advances in technologies, methods and anesthetics have made taking care of your teeth a practically painless occupation.

While few patients actually relish appointments for any type of medical procedure, pain should never again be the cause for someone to miss an appointment for proper preventative dental care–or even emergency care.

Unfortunately, there are those who fail to control their anxiety in the chair. In these instances, it is good to have a dentist that has had training on how to handle the fearful. They will have multiple ways to help reduce pain, anxiety and fear.

Loss of Control:

One of the major causes of anxiety in a patient is when they feel that they don’t have control. Obviously, lying completely still in a chair, mouth wide open, unable to speak, while someone scrapes and drills on your teeth is not a recipe for relaxation.

Many dentists have changed their office atmosphere and their own demeanor in order to project tranquility. Televisions on ceilings distract during procedures, offices are less sterile, more casual, etc.

Anesthetics and Sedation:

Your dentist has several sedation options and will use them readily in even the most simple procedures in order to keep you calm and stress-free. From laughing gas, to anti-anxiety medication, whatever you need can be administered if needed.

If you are anxious about seeing the dentist, Dr. Funk would be happy to help you by alleviating your concerns. Please contact Michelle Metcalf, DMD at 509-747-4242, or come by our office in Spokane, Washington.