Build Your Best Smile by Flossing

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Are you aware of the effective products and techniques you can use to implement interdental cleaning care to your oral hygiene routine? Interdental cleaning refers to cleaning between the teeth with tools designed to do so. Whether you decide to use traditional threaded floss or a water flosser, both tools are designed to work effectively and provide you with the oral health care you need.

Flossing effectively includes always making the right decisions regarding your interdental cleaning. Each session, make sure that you are flossing between your teeth for at least two minutes a day. Ideally, you should floss between every single tooth, including the teeth in the very back of the mouth. For additional help when choosing which products to use, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging, or speak with our dentist for recommendations or suggestions.

When flossing, use a piece of threaded floss that is around 18 inches in length. Wrap each end of the floss around a finger on each hand, and floss between each tooth. Use a clean area of floss between each tooth to remove the worry of contamination. Be sure to also move the floss up and down between the teeth so that all surfaces are cleaned. Once you’re finished with the thread, throw it out.

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